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Optimal Team Practice

We are excited to announce that SB 697, part of Optimal Team Practice (OTP), becomes effective January 1, 2020!


By shifting the administrative hurdles from state legislation to the practice level, these changes allow PAs to more effectively collaborate and function within the medical team. 
Here are the main changes and improvements that will take effect:


Practice Agreements will replace current Delegation of Service Agreements (DSAs)


This agreement is signed by the Physician Assistant and one or more of the Physicians that represent the practice.


There is no longer a need to specify a Supervising Physician.


Services are no longer delegated: the PA is instead expected to perform to their ability, training and standards as determined by the Practice.

PAs own their own scope.  


A single Practice Agreement can cover all the PA’s within the practice or there can also be separate Practice Agreements depending on the PA’s skill level and education. 
CAPA Members may CLICK HERE to go to the CAPA website to download a sample practice agreement.  

CAPA suggests that all PAs change over to a Practice Agreement in 2020, even if your current Delegation of Services is still valid.


Note: if a practice does not have a Practice Agreement in place by Jan 1, 2020 a DSA signed by the PA and supervising MD prior to Dec 31, 2019 will satisfy the requirement; however, new hires to a practice after Jan 1, 2020 must have a Practice Agreement in place


No Mandated Chart Review
Co-signatures are completely eliminated.


The requirement to identify the supervising physician for the patient’s medical record is repealed, as is the language designating PA’s as agents of the physician, unless this is desired within the practice. 

Physician Information No Longer Required on PA Prescriptions

This should significantly decrease calls from Pharmacies requesting this information. 

Previously this had been a law, but SB 697 repeals this. 

Optimal Team Practice puts Physician Assistant requirements more on par with requirements for Nurse Practitioners, who currently practice in a similar capacity.

This legislation was signed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom on October 9.

Click Here for more information
Please reach out us at if you have any questions or comments about the changes.
SFBA PA Steering Committee

And what it means for you. 

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