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Optimal Team Practice

The San Francisco Bay Area Physician Assistants, SFBA PA, fully endorses the bi-partisan bill SB 697 (Caballero) regarding expansion of access to healthcare. 

We support the passing of the bill, which is currently on the desk of Governor Newsom, and encourage our members to sign the petition set forth by the California Academy of Physician Assistants, CAPA. 

Position Statement + CALL TO ACTION

If signed into law, SB 697 will:

  • Eliminate delegated services to PAs. Instead each practice will outline the PA's professional services through an agreement developed in collaboration with a PA, a representative physician of the practice and, if applicable, a practice administrator.

  • Eliminate the chart co-signature and chart review as defined in statute. When SB 697 is enacted, all clinical written requirements between physicians and PAs will be determined at the practice level.

  • Improve the ability for PAs to provide medical services as volunteers.

  • Help to equalize PAs and NPs in the job market and at the practice level.

The legislation will improve PA's competitive edge by modernizing the PA Practice Act and remove out-of-date regulatory constraints. 

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